Friday, March 19, 2010

Discovery - Media with George Pratt

From week 1 - George Pratt's watercolor demo really got me excited to crack out the brushes so here are my first 3 attempts. I wanted to keep subject matter as close as possible to his demo so I plucked some reference from the handy character design website. Here are the specific images I worked from

And here are my attempts with a few minor photoshop adjustments (I couldn't help myself). They are a little blurry in areas from the scanning. For the first one I followed closely along with the video. The next 2 I was experimenting within that process a bit more. I definitely like the last one the best! Can't wait to try more. Thanks for the inspiration and wisdom George!

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  1. You're doing some fantastic work here - and it seems that you're learning a lot in the process. It's great that you really devoted yourself to the process. I'm liking it a lot!

    Sent you some books recently, sir. Hope you received them.