Friday, March 19, 2010

Discovery - Storyboarding with Coro

Jumping ahead to week 4 of Discovery. Here is my process for reverse storyboarding a film sequence as suggested by Coro.

I have broken down a scene from Christopher Nolan's Insomnia (around the 24 min mark).

To start I did some quick thumbnails to try to figure out what best describes the scene.

Next I took some screen grabs and began to polish compositions. I tried to combine information from multiple screenshots into a single frame in some instances. While laying down my initial drawing I tried my best to understand the eye level and perspective for each camera setup. I found this tricky because of the forest backdrop. Here are some screenshots that I marked over to try to get an idea. Not sure if I got it right? Anyone?

And here is what I came up with. I felt pretty good up to the coloring stage. I think I got a bit heavy with black levels (as Coro had warned). I will try to watch that in the future.

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